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About Diamond MMA


Diamond MMA is a sporting equipment company dedicated to supporting people avoid groin injuries. They manufacture and high-end protective athletic cups for athletes at all levels.


Diamond MMA’s mission is to raise the bar for the standards of groin protection in high-impact sports. They want people to move freely and to always perform with confidence. With years of development, Diamond MMA have created a solution for the athletic cup market with their patented 4-strap jock system that can keep the athletic cup locked into place with no shifting! This piece of equipment removes vulnerable positions and enables you to perform at your best.




MMA Gloves – MMA Gloves are designed to be lightweight with open fingers, to allow you to initiate grapples or holds, making clinching or submissions possible while still have hand protection. A good pair of Mixed Martial Arts Gloves should offer you protection but it’s also important to get a pair that provides flexibility, grip and comfort to make sure you perform at your very best in competitive MMA bouts. The weight of a pair of MMA Gloves will differ, and fighters will have their preferences.


Shin Guards – Having MMA Shin Guards are an essential requirement for you to properly train whether you are a beginner or a pro. Having a high-quality pair of Shin Guards are needed so you can protect your ankles, feet and of course your shins while kicking. It’s important that you invest in some MMA Shin Guards especially if you are a beginner because it is very likely that your shins aren’t conditioned.  Also, you will probably need to invest in some thicker Shin Guards (not slip ons) to get that extra protection and so you aren’t constantly getting shin injuries. You may hear that it is good to try condition your shins but it’s best to save that for when you are practising on a bag and not for sparring/kicking a partner.


Mouth Guard – Mouth Guards are soft plastic pieces of equipment used in sports to prevent oral injuries to teeth, mouth, cheeks, tongue and jaw. Types of dental injuries in sports that happen if you don’t wear a Mouth Guard include chipped or broken teeth, lip and cheek injuries, root damage to the teeth, concussions and fractured jaws. These types of injuries can be prevented with a simple and small investment into a Gum Shield. So regardless of a fighter’s age, skill level or fighting style, this piece of equipment is one of the most important pieces of protective equipment a fighter can have. Whether they are play sparring for in training or in a competitive match, it only takes one strike to do some serious dental damage.


Headgear – The main purpose for wearing headgear when sparring in any martial art is to prevent any superficial injuries to the face and head. Even though headgear doesn’t reduce any brain trauma caused by strikes, the equipment should still be used to avoid any other injuries like cuts, bruises and black eyes. Accidental head collisions in sparring are common and can be quite nasty, as a result, wearing headgear can prevent serious injuries from these types of scenarios.


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