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Here at the Minotaur Fight Store, we offer a range of the Fuji Gi collections from the ‘All Around’ Gis which are mid-weight and highly durable. We also supply the Fuji Premium Sports Gis available, designed for serious performance and creates as a tribute for the world of BJJ. The Premium Sports Gi is a lightweight design and was built to last with triple reinforced rip-stop pants.




The Fuji MMA Shorts are made with high-quality fabric that can stretch in 4 directions as well as being super durable. Not only are these BJJ and grappling broad shorts comfortable to fight in, the designs are very stylish and unique, they will not go unnoticed on the mats!




Fuji Sports (along with Hatashita Sports) was founded in 1969 by Frank Hatashita, 8th Dan. Fuji is lead by Lia Hatashita and Jimmy Pedro. Jimmy is a 4x Olympian, 2x Olympic medalist as well as being a World Judo Champion and a coach to the U.S. Olympians. He has been able to bring a lot of first-hand product knowledge to the company and wants only the very best for athletes and anyone learning the martial art. Fuji’s products have been tried and tested in various competitions and training sessions, resulting in high-quality products that are built to last.


Want to find out more about the Fuji Gi or Fuji MMA Shorts or can’t find the Fuji Sports products you are looking for? Contact us here.