combat sports wear & equipment

It’s an exciting time for those who love to test drive the latest in combat sports wear & equipment, as Nike have recently released a couple of major updates into their boxing boots line-up. As Europe’s biggest MMA, Boxing & Combat sports retailer; we couldn’t wait to welcome these boots into our catalogue, and we’d like to invite you to check out the latest gems from Nike’s boxing boots range.

Working closely with professional fighters and amateur boxers; Nike have taken their craftsmanship to the next level by engineering boxing footwear which is truly tailormade for serious fighters. Newcomers to the sport will also benefit, and from the feedback we’ve received, the step-up in quality is immediately appreciable. Moving from your standard pair of boxing boots, to the latest editions of the Nike Hyper KO and Nike Machomai will completely transform your sparring sessions, allowing you to comfortably spar with intensity for longer as you float like the proverbial butterfly.

But what’s so special about the new-and-improved Hyper KO and Machomai boots? Read on to find out our take on the two heavyweight contenders.