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Best Focus Mitts for Boxing


Here at the Minotaur Fight Store, we supply the Best Focus Mitts for Boxing in different colours from the top brands in the Boxing industry such as Pro-Box, Rival Boxing and RDX.


Using focus mitts is a great way of developing fighting reflexes, fighting strategy, punching technique, and defense technique. Hitting focus mitts isn’t just a great way of building your fitness but also stimulates your brain. Hitting focus mitts isn’t just about speed and power, it’s also important that you incorporate combinations that also works on timing, accuracy and style.


Focus Mitts for Boxing can help you improve punching skills such as technique, endurance, accuracy, timing, power, and speed. Also, it improves offensive skills such as combinations and angles. Plus it can improve defensive skills such as blocking, rolling, parrying and slipping.


Advantages of Mitt work training: Fun and challenging, great flexibility to practise many different moves and combinations. It also allows you to practise and mimic for certain styles, you can get feedback from your trainer and it gets you used to moving around a live person. You can work on offense and defense simultaneously plus drills are realistic fighting movements.


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