Boxing Groin Guards

Boxing Groin Guards


Here at the Minotaur Fight Store, we supply the best selection of Boxing Groin Guards to properly equip you in the protective gear before you do any hard sparring or competitions. We have high-quality Boxing Groin Guards for Men and Women from the leading brands like Adidas fight gear, Bad Boy, O2 Trainer Bas Rutten, Bearfoot Jiu Jitsu, Born to Be, Choke Republic, Cleto Reyes, Diamond MMA, Fairtex, Fuji Sports, Gameness, Hayabusa, Hykso, Jits Tape, Jiu Jitsu Athletica, Kingz, Larai Fight Gear, Maeda, Namman, Manto, No Stink, Opro, Pro-Box, Progress Jiu Jitsu, rdx Sports, Revgear, Rival Boxing, Ringside, RockTape, SafeJawz, Sandee, Scramble, Shock Doctor, Storm Kimonos, Tenacity Jaco, The Mass Suit, Tiger Balm, Elevation Training Mask, Twins Special, UFC Fight Gear, Venum MMA Fightwear, WBC, and YOKKAO.

Boxing Groin Guards are also called No-Foul Protectors and are very important pieces of equipment to maximise your safety in training sessions, this includes all practitioners whether you are a beginner or a professional. Getting hit by a powerful body shot is pretty much affects you the same way as a low blow, where you physically can’t stand up and your body feels paralysed. But after dropping from a body shot you will have to get back up in 10 seconds but after receiving a low blow foul you get given 5 minutes to recover. This really shows how serious of this foul and how much it can impact a fighter.


Other Boxing Products We Offer


Boxing Gloves – These are probably one of the most important parts of your kit bag, make sure you have high-quality gloves at the right size to keep you and your training partner safe. The right gloves will provide you with comfort and protection as well as speed and durability. It’s crucial you have the right gloves for sparring, bag work and for competitions (if you are competing). Heavier gloves (14oz or above) will be essential for sparring or bag work. Take a look at our range of Boxing Gloves here.


Boxing Head Guards – When it comes to investing in high-quality Boxing Equipment, a Head Guard should be one of your biggest priorities to make sure you don’t suffer from any head injuries after sparring. You may not need it every training session, but you should always have it in your training bag just in case. Our top of the range Head Guards offer great protection for your temple, cheekbones and jaw.


Boxing Hand Wraps – This piece of equipment will protect your hand and wrists from injury. Here at the Minotaur Fight Store, you can choose from the classic Hand Wraps or Hand Wrap Gloves so you can slip them on faster and easier.


Mouth Guards – Dental injuries are very common in combat sports and it’s crazy to think that a very small investment can prevent a very expensive and timely treatment but it’s true! We have a wide selection of Mouth Guards / Gum Shields for adults and children in different colours and designs.


Boxing Skipping Rope – Having a Boxing skipping rope will be essential for warming up in your training sessions. An important fitness tool for Boxers that improves endurance, balance and footwork. You don’t want to be using the old half-broken ropes at your club so it’s important you bring your own!


Boxing Boots – Boxing Shoes weigh less than the average athletic shoes, this will help Boxers to move lightly on their toes, change directions and find angles which are key parts of Boxing. They also usually have a thin rubber sole to help maintain traction without holding you too firmly to the ground. Boxing shoes come in different versions, high-top, mid-top and low-top. They offer more support to your ankle and lower shins to prevent any injuries during training. Boxing Shoes also allow sweat to evaporate from the feet because they have permeability which means that fluids can pass through them quite easily. Even though this characteristic makes the Boots impractical for outside use, they do keep your feet cooler and drier in the ring.


Focus Mitts – Using focus mitts is a great way of developing fighting reflexes, fighting strategy, punching technique, and defense technique. Hitting focus mitts isn’t just a great way of building your fitness but also stimulates your brain. Hitting focus mitts isn’t just about speed and power, it’s also important that you incorporate combinations that also works on timing, accuracy and style.


Punch Trackers -The ultimate tool for fighters. The Punch Trackers allows you to view your punch output in real time, measure your daily, weekly, and monthly progression. Punch trackers measure your hands’ movement 1000 times per second to detect the number, the type, and the velocity of all your punches.


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Benefits of Boxing


Boxing as a sport requires high levels of athleticism, with a fighter requiring strength, speed, agility, hand-eye coordination, power, nerve, endurance and more. However, if you aim to get involved in the sport just for fitness, doing the same exercises enables the average person to gain those same athletic skills without even having to take a punch. There are many reasons why you should get signed up to your local Boxing gym. For example, learning a new skill and self-defence, improving cardiovascular health and body strength plus it’s a good way to reduce stress. Whether you are looking to compete or just improve your fitness, Boxing is definitely a lot of fun.