Revgear Boxing Gloves

Revgear Boxing Gloves are perfect for sparring in professional Boxing. The gloves have an exquisite soft pre-broken in feel, high-quality padding with ultimate wrist protection. We offer a range of Revgear Boxing Gloves in different colours from the S3 and S4 collections. The S4 collection has gel injection mold padding to give the gloves a unique combination of stiff padding for excellent protection to the fighters’ hands as well as the sparring partner. With the thumb, wrist and fist style all cleverly constructed, we believe that these are one of the world’s best professional Boxing Gloves on the market today. Our range of Revgear Boxing Gloves has that blend of traditional and modern to give the fighter a unique level of style, comfort and protection which is hard to find in modern Boxing Gloves.

Revgear Hand Wraps

Revgear Hand Wraps are some of the best hand wraps in the world today which are perfect for Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai or any combat sport where hand protection is essential.

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