Sandee Boxing Gloves are used by experienced fighters and trainers worldwide and for many years. Sandee’s innovative line of Boxing Gloves helps fighters achieve a new level of performance in their training or competitions. The Sandee Bag Gloves are made from premium leather with a thumb design for extra protection. Here at the Minotaur Fight Store, we supply the latest Thai Boxing Gloves from different collections like the Neon Leather Gloves, Kids Cool-Tec Gloves to the Authentic Leather Boxing Gloves. We also supply Sandee Shin Guards, Muay Thai Shorts, Hand Wraps, Body Shields & other Fightwear. Take a look at our supplies above, great products at great prices.

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Sandee is amongst the world’s leading brands when it comes to manufacturing apparel and combat equipment like the Sandee Boxing Gloves. Born in 1977, Sandee Thailand is one of the most authentic and oldest combat sports brands in the world with manufacturing facilities in Bangkok, Thailand and other places in the world. Sandee has a wide range of sponsored athletes like Jo Calderwood, Daitan Jackson and in the past, UFC middleweight star Michael Bisping. The MMA giant is known for creating high-quality and comfortable gear for a wide selection of disciplines.