The Scramble BJJ is your Martial Arts lifestyle brand, creating innovative fightwear and streetwear which are designed in the UK with a strong Japanese Influence. Scramble is one of the top brands in the MMA Industry today, combining fresh printing creations with high-level quality apparel. We supply the latest Scramble Gis, Rashguards & other fightwear. We have a wide selection of the Scramble T-Shirts, MMA Shorts, Spats, Bags and Shorts.


Here are the Minotaur Fight Store, we offer a range of the Scramble Gis from the Toshi Kimono and Athlite Competition collection to the 100Athletic collaboration and Standard Issue BJJ Gis. These Gis have unrivalled quality and comfort. They have been produced to a very high standard and are light enough enough for competition use but durable enough for everyday training.

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