Established in Brazil back in 2005, Venum Fightwear has grown into a world-leading brand in the Mixed Martial Arts world expanding to Venum Europe, US and Asia. They are one of the most trusted brands offering high-quality MMA and Boxing equipment that is handmade in Thailand with Clothing manufactured in Brazil. Venum is a proud sponsor of the UFC with some of the top MMA athletes representing the brand like Wanderlei Silva, Miesha Tate and Lyoto Machida. They still remain as one of the most active sponsors in the MMA world, being sported by champions as well as upcoming prospects. Venum Fightwear manufactures a wide variety of clothing and equipment you can think of from leisurewear like the very comfortable Venum hoodie to fighting accessories like Boxing Gloves, Headgear and Shin Guards.


Venum Shorts are both functional and stylish and have been approved by many fighters in the MMA industry. We have a range of collections available from the Amazonia 5.0 and Tempest 2.0 range to the Gladiator 3.0 and Camo Hero range.


Venum Shin Guards are perfectly made for protection to you and your opponents. Venum Shin Guards have a great mixture for being tough and comfortable. Here at the Minotaur Fight Store, we have a wide selection of Shin Guards in different colours from the Venum Elite Standup and Challenger Standup range to the Kontact Shin Instep Shin Guards.


We have a variety of Venum Boxing Gloves available for both Boxing or MMA in different styles and colours to meet your needs. Venum gloves guarantee you maximum durability and perfect fit during fights and training sessions. These gloves have secure fits to provide maximum protection and to minimize the risk of injury. Our Venum Boxing gloves are suitable for fighters of all ages and levels, whether you are sparring, on the bag or doing pad work, these gloves help you take your training to the next level.

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