MMA Gloves

MMA Gloves


MMA Gloves are designed to be lightweight with open fingers, to allow you to initiate grapples or holds, making clinching or submissions possible while still have hand protection. A good pair of Mixed Martial Arts Gloves should offer you protection but it’s also important to get a pair that provides flexibility, grip and comfort to make sure you perform at your very best in competitive MMA bouts. The weight of a pair of MMA Gloves will differ, and fighters will have their preferences. We have a great collection of high-quality Mixed Martial Arts Gloves in an array of different styles from the top brands like Venum, Hayabusa and Bad Boy. To complete your collection of MMA Gear, make sure you browse our range of products like MMA Hand wraps, MMA Shorts, MMA Rash Guards and Shin Guards to go with your gloves!




Here at the Minotaur Fight Store, we have a wide selection of gear from Venum Gloves in different styles, exquisite quality and at affordable prices.


We have the very popular Venum Challenger, Impact and Gladiator 3.0 Gloves collection in stock, designed in Thailand and made with PU leather, these gloves are perfect for both training and competitions. The gloves have a double-closure system to provide easy access and a perfect fit to guarantee comfort and support. The wide leather velcro closure prevents the risk of wrist injury and the glove has high-density foam to still give you that wide range of protection.


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