Boxing Shorts

Men’s Boxing Shorts


Here at the Minotaur Fight Store, we supply Men’s Boxing Shorts from leading brands like Adidas and Pro-Box. Take a look at our supplies above, great products at great prices. 


Benefits of Wearing Boxing Shorts


Wearing big and loose shorts will help the Boxer stay cool while moving around the ring in a crowded and hot environment as well helping with blood circulation. There is not need for Boxers to wear tight shorts as they could cause the fighter to overheat or become uncomfortable. As Boxers only have to use their hands when fighting, they don’t really have to wear shorts that allow them to lift their legs higher, unlike MMA fighters as they need to use their whole body against their opponent.


To complete your set of Boxing Gear, we also have a range of high-quality Boxing GlovesMouth GuardsHead Guards, Hand Wraps and Skipping Ropes.


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