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Women’s Boxing Hand Wraps


A good pair of Boxing Hand Wraps is a very essential piece of equipment for Boxing training. Your hands and wrists are fragile and due to the intense training of the sport, it’s important to have a pair of high-quality wraps to support and protect you. Boxers or other martial artists who use heavy bags or trains with a sparring partner will need to use hand wraps to prevent any severe injuries and fractures of the bones in the hands or wrist. Wearing only gloves when training or competing just isn’t enough. Hand Wraps will help keep your fist in a proper shape when delivering a punch, enhancing your punching strength/power.


Here at the Minotaur Fight Store, we supply a variety of high-quality Boxing Hand Wraps  from the leading brands like Venum, Adidas, Fairtex, Bad Boy, YOKKAO, Sandee, Twins, Revgear and more. 


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