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Women’s Boxing Headgear


Here at the Minotaur Fight Store, we supply the best of Women’s Boxing Headgear in different colours and sizes from world-leading brands such as Cleto Reyes, Pro-Box, RDX, Venum and Rival Boxing. 


Why Headgear Is Essential In Sparring


The main purpose for wearing headgear when sparring in any martial art is to prevent any superficial injuries to the face and head. Even though headgear doesn’t reduce any brain trauma caused by strikes, the equipment should still be used to avoid any other injuries like cuts, bruises and black eyes. Accidental head collisions in sparring are common and can be quite nasty, as a result, wearing headgear can prevent serious injuries from these types of scenarios. For you athletes that are competing, Boxing headgear will prevent cuts that can cause you to fail in pre-fight inspections. Headgear with solid padding around the ear will also decrease the likelihood of cauliflower ears. Furthermore, if you work at a company that requires you to maintain a clean appearance, wearing headgear can keep you looking respectable for work by keeping facial damages at a minimum.


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