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Founded in 1982 in San Diego, California, Bad Boy MMA is a pioneer in the alternative sports lifestyle industry and they quickly built their name through sponsoring athletes and events in sports like surfing, skateboarding and motocross. In the early 1990’s, Bad Boy MMA expanded into martial arts through the sponsorship of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt legend, Rickson Gracie and MMA champions like Vitor Belfort and Frank Shamrock. Bad Boy dedicates themselves to supporting the actions of athletes and offering high-quality products to enhance their training, performance and lifestyle. Bad Boy also has decades of experience in creating, innovative and authentic competition-quality gear which helped them win the “Best Gear and Technical Apparel Brand” award at the World MMA Awards Show.




Here at the Minotaur Fight Store, we supply a range of the Bad Boy BJJ Gi Collections in different designs from the Pro Series, Legacy Master to the Premium BJJ Gis. These collections are perfect for any Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athlete looking for the highest quality Gi with great style and attention to detail. Thes Bad Boy BJJ Gis are made with the best material on the market, meeting perfectly with the official BJJ tournament requirements and delivers optimal balance between lightweight and durability.




We offer a variety of the Bad Boy Boxing Gloves from collections ranging from Legacy Prime, Training Series 2.0, and Leather Pro Series to the Strike Boxing Gloves Collection. These gloves are designed to suit all training purposes from bag work to sparring and have unparalleled comfort and offer a great versatility of uses. With the glove’s reinforced areas, they deliver full hand protection which will help reduce injury risks and will help you to withstand intense workouts.


Bad Boy Clothing


We have large selection of the very popular Bad Boy Clothing from stylish T-Shirts, Vests, Shorts, Jackets, Hoodies and Sweatshirts helping you look and feel the part.


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