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Pro Box Gloves


We offer an array of Pro Box Boxing Equipment like the popular Pro Box Gloves from the Special Edition and Base Spar Gloves to the Original Collection and PU Club Essential Gloves in different colours from 8oz to 18oz. These are hand stitched gloves constructed from beautifully soft, premium full-grain leather hides. The glove lining is made from a durable super soft moisture-wicking material to help the gloves dry quickly between sessions. Great collections of Pro Box Gloves that are very comfortable for training or sparring.


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Pro Box Boxing Equipment UK


The founder of the high-quality Pro Box Boxing Equipment UK was a professional engineer and expanded on his love of Boxing by making a ring for his local club, 30 years later now has one of the UK’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of Boxing Equipment. With the new ‘Pro-Box’ brand launching, after five years they were rewarded with the Amateur International Boxing Association (A.I.B.A) granting them the only ‘Safety and Quality Assurance License’ issued British company manufacturing competition gloves and head guards to protect amateur Boxers in contests around the world due to their attention to detail and quality of products.


Other Boxing Gear We Offer


Boxing Hand Wraps – This piece of equipment will protect your hand and wrists from injury. Here at the Minotaur Fight Store, you can choose from the classic Hand Wraps or Hand Wrap Gloves so you can slip them on faster and easier.


Boxing Boots – Boxing Shoes weigh less than the average athletic shoes, this will help Boxers to move lightly on their toes, change directions and find angles which are key parts of Boxing.


Mouth Guards – Dental injuries are very common in combat sports and it’s crazy to think that a very small investment can prevent a very expensive and timely treatment but it’s true! We have a wide selection of Mouth Guards / Gum Shields for adults and children in different colours and designs.


Boxing Skipping Rope – Having a skipping rope will be essential for warming up in your training sessions. An important fitness tool for Boxers that improves endurance, balance and footwork. You don’t want to be using the old half-broken ropes at your club so it’s important you bring your own!


Focus Mitts – Using focus mitts is a great way of developing fighting reflexes, fighting strategy, punching technique, and defense technique. Hitting focus mitts isn’t just a great way of building your fitness but also stimulates your brain. Hitting focus mitts isn’t just about speed and power, it’s also important that you incorporate combinations that also works on timing, accuracy and style.


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