Strength & Conditioning

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Strength and Conditioning Equipment – What We Offer

Here at the Minotaur Fight Store, we supply a range of Strength and Conditioning Equipment. We have a wide selection of items from Skipping Ropes, Hykso Punch Trackers, Resistance Training Suits, Elevation Training Masks and more.

Importance of Strength & Conditioning in Martial Arts

Strength and Conditioning is key when you are required to do exercises that require athletic ability, for example, sparring or high intense training like pad work in Muay Thai.  Some people may advise that you neglect strength and conditioning training to focus on technique, however, if your muscles are tired or if you do not have a lot of stamina, you will not be able to execute the technical attributes that you have gained. This is why conditioning can make or break the result in a competitive fight or a sparring session, especially if both fighters have similar ability. It’s important that you do the strength and conditioning exercises that aids your discipline, and to find a good balance between conditioning and technical training. Very common and highly beneficial exercises used for conditioning include: running, skipping, sprints or body weight exercises like push ups and pull ups. If you want read more about strength and conditioning for Martial Arts Training, check out this blog by The Martial Way.

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