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Body Protectors

We supply Body Protectors that you can trust. We have equipment like the popular Sandee Authentic Body Shield constructed from premium grade synthetic leather with a double layer of high-density latex foam. With cover piping and an open design for safety and comfort. Body Protectors are designed for the Boxer to practise their body combinations during a pad workout. Body Protectors offer a more realistic workout as the fighter is able to throw a more variety of punches without having to wait for the pad man to place the pads to the body. The trainer is also able to put the boxer under pressure by throwing punches forcing them to slip or block while making an attack. Overall, a great piece of training equipment for both attack and defensive strategies. 

Other Combat Equipment We Offer

Take a look at our Combat Equipment to help maximise your training:

Body Protectors and Groin Guards – All constructed from premium grade synthetic leather and made to protect your vital body parts in heated moments of sparring.

Focus Mitts & Punch Paddles – Designed to improve the safety for both coaches and fighters. These pieces of equipment will improve speed and precision to the training sessions.

Altitude Training – We offer pieces of equipment like the Elevation Training Mask and the Bas Rutten O2 Trainer to increase lung capacity, oxygen efficiency, anaerobic threshold plus mental and physical stamina.

Punch Trackers – We supply the Hykso Wearable Punch Tracker, the ultimate tool for fighters which allows you to view your punch output in real time.

Braces and Supports – Our support products range from knee and elbow pads to ankle and back support to make sure you maximise safety in your training sessions.

Oils and Creams – From brands like Namman and Tiger Balm, these products are perfect for preventing muscle straining and eliminating muscle/joint aches and pains.

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