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SafeJawz Gum Shield – A Mouth Guard that gives you protection with personality


The SafeJawz Gum Shield is a revolutionary new sports equipment providing a comfortable fit and strong protection for all sports. With its Fluid-Fit technology, the mouthguard features a super-slim profile and retentive qualities. This piece of equipment clips onto your teeth to make breathing, talking and drinking much easier. The Mouth Guard also offers protection to the jaw and lower teeth. The pre-occluded base and raised impact pads on the bottom of the product act as a buffer to stop any damage from impacts to the lower jaw.


Here at the Minotaur Fight Store, we supply the latest custom Mouth Guards. We have a wide selection of the Custom Mouth Guards from the SafeJawz Ice collection to the Extro Series and Fangz Mouth Guards. Take a look at our supplies below, great products at great prices.


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