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Men’s Fight Shorts


We have different types of Men’s Fight Shorts to accommodate for all disciplines from Boxing Shorts, Muay Thai Shorts, MMA Shorts or Vale Tudo Shorts, BJJ No-Gi Shorts and Compression Shorts. Boxing Shorts are designed with a large waistband for improved fit and comfort. Boxing shorts will help the fight stay cool and comfortable while moving around the ring in a crowded atmosphere as well as helping with blood circulation. Thai Boxing Shorts are essential for training or competing, the shorts are much shorter in length so they don’t restrict the extension of a fighter which is vital as Kicks and Knee Strikes are very important tools for a Muay Thai Fighter. We have the best MMA Shorts and Vale Tudo Shorts available, acting as a second skin, moving with you and giving no restrictions. Our MMA and Vale Tudo Shorts has compressive fibres to improve the blood circulation of our muscles to make your performances more efficient.


Here at the Minotaur Fight Store, we supply a range of Men’s Fight Shorts for different disciplines like Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai and BJJ. We offer products from the leading brands like Venum Fight Shorts, Tatami, Bad Boy, Storm, Scramble and more.


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