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The Minotaur Fight Store is one of the leading retailers for Namman Muay Thai Oil UK. Muay Thai Oil is an external analgesic pain reliever. Namman Muay has been specially formulated to be used for pre-sport warm up, to prevent muscle straining, spraining or injury during sport and for use as an after-sport or injury home care treatment. The oil helps you stay consistent in training or intense activity by assisting with the reduction of nagging aches or pains. The Namman Muay Thai Oil is good for blood circulation, fast recovery and temporary relief of any aches or pains from overworked muscles that athletes can get from contact sports or intense activities.




Namman Muay Thai Creams are suitable for all athletes, adults and senior citizens. The Muay Cream is very useful for muscle pain, joint pain, swelling, bruises and clotting. The cream penetrates muscles and skin to give a warming-cooling effect. The Namman Muay Thai Cream doesn’t leave the skin sticky and is quickly absorbed.


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