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Venum Boxing Gloves


Venum Boxing Gloves are essential for training whether you are sparring or doing bag work and they are designed to prevent both you and your opponent from suffering severe injuries. The gloves have been developed over the years to make sure they provide you with comfort and protection as well as speed and durability. Venum Boxing Gloves are available in different weights and picking the right weight specification will depend on your training purposes. For example, heavier Gloves (14oz or above) will be essential for sparring or if you are looking to exert more energy in your training.


Venum Fightwear History


Established in Brazil back in 2005, Venum Fightwear has grown into a world-leading brand in the Mixed Martial Arts world expanding to Venum Europe, US and Asia. They are one of the most trusted brands offering high-quality MMA and Boxing equipment that is handmade in Thailand with Clothing manufactured in Brazil. Venum is a proud sponsor of the UFC with some of the top MMA athletes representing the brand like Wanderlei Silva, Miesha Tate and Lyoto Machida. They still remain as one of the most active sponsors in the MMA world, being sported by champions as well as upcoming prospects. Venum MMA Fightwear manufactures a wide variety of clothing and equipment you can think of from leisurewear like the very comfortable Venum hoodie to fighting accessories like Boxing Gloves. We supply Venum Boxing Gloves from a range of their collections like the Elite, Contender 2.0, Challenger 3.0, Neon Challenger 2.0, Giant 3.0, Impact, Bangkok Spirit collection and more.


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Venum Gloves Reviews 2018 by Attack The Back (

Venum Contender Boxing Gloves –

“These are the more entry-level gloves, perfect for those who are brand new to boxing, MMA and Muay Thai or for those who just want a cheap yet good extra pair of gloves. Despite their entry-level price point, people of all levels and abilities will appreciate and enjoy the Contenders.

This glove is an all-rounder too; you can use it in every part of training. You can wail on the heavy bag with it, hit pads with your trainer and even go toe-to-toe in the ring in both sparring and competition. The compact padding of the glove means you can even use comfortably in full MMA sparring and circuit training without the glove getting in the way and feeling like a hindrance.

Despite the glove being relatively small and compact, the padding provides more than adequate protection for both your hands/wrists and your opponents face.

These gloves are available in sizes starting from 8 ounce and going all the way up to 16 ounces. As these are boxing gloves and as most gyms prefer their students to spar with 16 ounces as a minimum, it’s best to just go with the larger size unless you have particularly small hands or are buying these gloves for a specific, non-sparring purpose.”

Venum Giant 3.0 Boxing Gloves –

“If you have big hands or you have heavy hands (meaning you naturally punch heavy and hard) then sparring can sometimes be tough for you. You’re constantly having to pull your punches and ease up so as not to hurt or knock out your opponent. If you have big hands then it can also sometimes be tough to find a pair of gloves that fit without choking your hands, especially when wearing hand wraps.

If you are one of the above people, then Venum have done you a solid by releasing these Giant 3.0 gloves. As the name suggests, the Giant gloves are perfect for the bigger handed student, with ample room inside even when you’re wearing bulky hand-wraps. The Giant name also refers to the extra padding and size on the outside, allow more cushion to your strikes so you don’t accidentally hurt your training partners.

The Giant 3.0 is the third iteration of their gloves. Venum always take their best, highest-selling glove and reverse engineer just exactly what made it so successful. They listen to their customers in regards to works well with the glove and what needed help so that they can fine tune it to make each glove better and better. The 3.0 offers superior comfort for both striker and opponent, as well as including even higher quality leather on the exterior of the glove to weather heavy use and impact. No ripping, tearing or fraying here.”

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