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Shin Guards

Shin Guards

Shin Guards

Shin guards are a required and essential piece of equipment if you’re kicking in your chosen martial arts; shin guards will give you the protection you need. The most popular martial arts that use shin guards are Muay Thai, which is also known as Thai Boxing, MMA, which is also known as mixed martial arts, and kickboxing.

Muay Thai Shin Guards: Protect Your Legs

Muay Thai fighters are known for their kicking techniques, that’s why you need the ultimate and best quality protection in shin guards. The Muay Thai shin guards should be comfortable and at the same time provide enough protection to cushion any shin on shin strikes or if you kick an elbow!

Kickboxing Shin Guards: Train with Confidence

Kickboxing as the name suggests is a heavily kick-focused discipline and for that, you need the best kickboxing shin guards. Whichever variation of kickboxing you do, you must protect your legs with the correct equipment which allows you to move freely. We stock the biggest brands for kickboxing shin guards.

MMA Shin Guards: Get What You Need

In the discipline of MMA you need to make sure you get the correct shin guards, the most important thing is they fit you well and they allow you to move around without any restriction. As there is a ground element in MMA, some fighters like to use MMA shin guards which are more compact and fitted.

Thai Boxing Shin Guards: Protect Your Legs

Thai Boxing is another way to say Muay Thai, it’s the same thing. Whether you need Thai Boxing shin guards or Muay Thai shin guards there is no difference between them.

Shin Guard Brands: Which Is Best

The best shin guards are from brands that have stood the test of time and are used day in and day out by professionals, that’s why we recommend Fairtex shin guards, Twins shin guards, Venum shin guards and Sandee shin guards.